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We Lachmans are a jolly bunch,
With wood we ply our trade,
To dazzle minds of childlike ones,
Be they young or old.

We do not come from line of old,
Apprenticed as a child.
But learned our craft among our friends,
With trials, ah-has & folds

Yet now Boo Chee wooden toys,
Are rich of sort and form.
With forests of trees -the puzzling type-
And marquetry's allure.

Herds of animals of all sorts,
Delight the infants hand.
Barns & wagons fill out the scene,
Of days gone by and more.

The Lachman bunch creates these toys
The foremost craftsman Bob.
Trish, Michael, Ben, & Mary Ann,
Are parts in Boo Chee's team.

We bring you the best we can,
A joy to touch and see,
Inspired by God & shaped by hands,
Treasure of the Toymaker's dream.

-- Trisha Lachman, November 1999


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